From our Senior Pastor:



Thanks for browsing our site! 

Our website is designed to be an introduction into the life of our community. Certainly you cannot experience the multicultural nature of our community of faith, or the warmth we have for God and for people, through a website. However, we hope this will be an inviting snapshot that can lead to connection.


As Senior Pastor, I have watched Manassas Baptist (MBC) seek to be a place where we honor God and love others at their point of need and growth. We are a dynamic church family, learning, growing and becoming. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we are pursuing relationships with God and other people with sincerity, creativity and, hopefully, with a little fun along the way as well.


Manassas Baptist Church (MBC) may seem like a large church, but you will find that our many ministries, services, activities, volunteer opportunities and events provide points of contact that allow individuals and families in our transient area to develop life-long friendships. So, regardless of where you are in life, we invite you to experience God, and meaningful relationships with other people, with us at MBC.


Again, thanks for dropping in. Feel free to browse and please email me or one of our team, or ask for us by name when you visit.


In Christ,


Jim Boltz